Patient Relations

The Patient Relations Team at Los Angeles Community Hospital is dedicated to ensuring that your experience as a patient here is comfortable, positive and healing. Our team helps give patients the sense of control that can get lost in the sometimes hectic, fast-paced hospital setting. We also ensure that your rights as a patient are respected as you receive care from our team of professionals.

Our team, which is on-site daily and on weekends, is committed to maintaining positive relations for patients and their families. Representatives are available to answer questions about your patient experience, and to encourage communication between patients and hospital staff. To reach a patient relations representative, please call (323) 267-0477.

Our patient relation services include:

  • Assisting patients in understanding the healthcare environment
  • Serving as a conduit among our staff, patients and families
  • Assisting with resolving concerns relating to care
  • Providing an official method for the investigation, resolution, and documentation of patient concerns
  • Responding to patients in a timely manner
  • Making recommendations for improvements based on patient feedback
  • Providing information to patients about internal and external resources

Los Angeles Community Hospital knows it is important to provide you and your family a positive experience. Our goal is to ensure that you receive safe, high-quality and compassionate care and service. We are striving to be one of the leading hospitals in the region when it comes to customer service. If we are not meeting your expectations, please discuss your concerns with the team or with a manager in the department where you are receiving your care. If your concerns remain unresolved, contact the Patient Relations Team, which will attempt to resolve the problem.

If an issue arises after hours or on a weekend, call (323) 267-0477 and ask for the administrator on call. Additionally, you can always submit an email to . We are listening.